Wiki Guidelines


  • Pages should be written in American English
  • Try to conform with the other pages in this wiki to have a common user experience across the wiki
  • If necessary, a fixed page width can be set using the Wrap plugin for documents which really need it


Namespaces in DokuWiki are similar to categories and should be used as such.

Currently, the following namespaces are defined:

Create new pages in the appropriate namespace or create a new one if really necessary.

Please don't add new pages at the top-level namespace.

More information about namespaces can be found in the DokuWiki manual.

Using Tags

You can use tags to mark your page with keywords so it can be found more easily. Also, the specified tags are used for the tag cloud on the homepage of the wiki.

To specify tags for the page, simply add {{tag>tag1 tag2 tag3}} somewhere within the page, e.g. at the end of the page.


{{tag>howto win32 runtime}}

It may be useful to re-use one or more of the following often used tags, as appropriate:

Tag Meaning
howto The page is part of the HowTos namespace
snippets The page is part of the Snippets namespace
themes The page is part of the Color Schemes namespace or related to color shemes
plugins The page is part of the Plugins namespace or related to plugins
win32 The page is about Windows specifics

If your page is about filetype/programming language specifics, also use a tag for the filetype or programming language you refer to.

Tag Filetype
abc Abc
actionscript ActionScript
ada Ada
asm ASM (Assembler)
c C
c# C# (Csharp)
c++ C++
caml CAML / Ocaml
cmake CMake
cobol COBOL
conf Configuration Files
css CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
d D
diff Diff
docbook Docbook
erlang Erlang
f77 Fortran 77
ferite Ferite
forth Forth
fortran Fortran 90
freebasic FreeBasic
genie Genie
glsl GLSL
haskell Haskell
haxe Haxe
html HTML
java Java
javascript Javascript
latex LaTeX
lisp Lisp
lua Lua
make Make
markdown Markdown
matlab Matlab / Octave
nsis NSIS
pascal Pascal
perl Perl
php PHP
po Po / Gettext files
python Python
r R
rest reStructuredText
ruby Ruby
scala Scala
sh Sh
sql SQL
tcl Tcl
txt2tags Txt2tags
vala Vala
verilog Verilog
vhdl VHDL
xml XML
yaml YAML

Additional formatting using the Wrap plugin

You can use additional page formatting by using the Wrap plugin. Some examples can be found on Examples for the Wrap Plugin.

Things to be careful about:

  • Acronyms can break headings (probably because the plugin doesn't prevent the acronym substitution in headings that the normal DokuWiki does)