A long standing plugin-wishlist-item is an extension, to better support handling of SQL inside of Geany. In particular it's about e.g. executing queries – currently Geany is supporting only hacking of SQL with e.g. syntax highlighting or navigation via symbol browser.

Already supported by Geany

  • Syntaxhighlighting for a huge number SQL dialects
  • Symbolbrowser
  • Running sql-scripts via build menu
  • Running sql via “sending selection to”
  • Converting a tab-seperated list to SQL for e.g. INSERT by tableconvert-plugin

Open points for Geany core

  • Improve symbolbrowser as some procedures are not recognized (as by March 2014)

Wishlistitems for a new plugin

  • Support for common (relational) DBMS
    • MySQL/MariaDB/*
    • PostgreSQL
    • DB2
    • Oracle
    • Sybase-Family
    • MS SQL (?)
    • Informix (?)
  • Configuration/bookmarks for different connections (kind of a server manager)
  • A widget showing messages
  • A widget showing results of query
    • Most likely as a tabular
  • View showing structure of database/table
  • “create .. anything” (view, stored procedure, index..) from sidebar(?)


A first development will be done at https://github.com/frlan/geanypysql (not yet really started)