Geany-Plugins 1.25 Release goals

Beside of many other things, this needs to be achieved for next major Geany-Plugins release

  • Run with Geany 1.25
  • Improving of documentation for each plugin
    • It needs to be clear how to use the plugin
    • Bugtracker URL should be up2date
  • Complete support of Gtk3
  • Port missing plugins to be also available on Windows
    • Find official/stable binary build of WebKit for WebHelper/DevHelp/Markdown
    • Put GeanyPy into the installer (e.g. dependency for Python/PyGTK to keep in mind)
  • Consolidating strings on plugins
  • Making autotools build system usable with Windows (with mingw/msys/etc)
  • Remove usage of deprecated symbols from plugins (all before Geany 1.24 should be ok to remove)