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Kivy configuration filetype

Experimental custom filetype for the Kivy language.

The Kivy language is a language dedicated to describing user interface and interactions. You could compare this language to Qt’s QML, but with included new concepts such as rule definitions (which are somewhat akin to what you may know from CSS), templating and so on.

This language is used beside python to build and manage some great portable GUI for Android, iOS, Linux, OS X and Windows systems.

# For complete documentation of this file, please see Geany's main documentation
# default extension used when saving files
# You can add all properties even your custom ones to the primary line
# all items must be in one line
primary=pos size if font_size height width x y text orientation None id sp dp size_hint size_hint_x size_hint_y canvas canvas.before canvas.after background_normal background_down anim_delay source rgba name valign halign markup text_size texture_size allow_stretch keep_ratio rectangle spacing padding orientation on_press value rows lines 
# The following list is not exhaustive, you may need to add some built-in or custom class names to the identifiers.
# all items must be in one line
identifiers=Canvas before after TextInput BoxLayout RelativeLayout FloatLayout Scatter Label Image BorderImage Button ListItemButton ListItemView ScreenManager Screen SlideTransition FallOutTransition RiseInTransition Color ListAdapter Image StringProperty BooleanProperty NumericProperty ObjectProperty Rectangle Line GridLayout ScrollView

And alter your filetype_extensions.conf to add the new Kv filetype.