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 +====== Collection of Snippets for Rust ======
 +Just copy the ''​[Rust]''​ section from the code below into your snippets file, e.g. in ''​~/​.config/​geany/​snippets.conf''​.
 +<code properties>​
 +enum=enum %cursor% {\n\t%cursor%,​\n}\n
 +fn=fn %cursor%() {\n\t%cursor%\n}\n
 +for=for elem in %cursor% {\n\t%cursor%\n}\n
 +ife=if %cursor% {\n\t%cursor%\n} else {\n\t%cursor%\n}\n
 +if=if %cursor% {\n\t%cursor%\n}\n
 +loop=loop {\n\t%cursor%\n}\n
 +main=fn main() {\n\t%cursor%\n}\n
 +match=let %cursor% = match %cursor% {\n\tOk(%cursor%) => %cursor%,​\n\tErr(_) => {\n\t\tpanic!("​Error:​ {:?}", error)\n\t},​\n};​\n
 +print=println!("​%cursor%{}",​ %cursor%);
 +std=use std::​io%cursor%;​\n
 +while=while %cursor% {\n\t%cursor%\n}\n
 +{{tag>​snippet rust}}