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 +===== Changing Geany window title text =====
 +The idea is that I regularly work on a couple of repos at the same time, and can have like five Geany windows open, with three of them showing say '​requirements.txt - [...'. I'd prefer to have the window title to start with the project name so I know which window is which project. I thought of patching Geany itself like https://​github.com/​geany/​geany/​pull/​290,​ but I am not really proficient in C, so I went for weird Python/Xfce solution.
 +Here it is:
 +1. Run:
 +<code bash>
 +sudo apt install wmctrl xdotool
 +2. Save this script anywhere, name it anything, mine is '​~/​scripts/​change geany titles.py'​
 +<code python>
 +import subprocess
 +from time import sleep
 +while True:
 +    windows_details = subprocess.run(['​wmctrl',​ '​-l'​],​ stdout=subprocess.PIPE).stdout.decode('​UTF-8'​)
 +    for window_details in windows_details.splitlines():​
 +        window_id, _, title = window_details.split(maxsplit=2)
 +        if '] - Geany' in title:
 +            new_title = title[title.find('​ ['​)+2:​].replace('​ (new instance)',​ ''​).replace('​]',''​)
 +            subprocess.run(['​xdotool',​ '​set_window',​ '​--name',​ new_title, window_id])
 +    sleep(0.1)
 +3. To autostart this, as I use Xfce, I created this '​~/​.config/​autostart/​geany titles.desktop'​ file:
 +[Desktop Entry]
 +Name=geany titles
 +Comment=change geany window titles to start with the project
 +Exec=python3 "/​home/<​your username goes here>/​scripts/​change geany titles.py"​
 +Hope this helps somebody :)