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 <nspages config:​customcmds -title -simplelist -exclude:​start -textns=""​ -textpages="">​ <nspages config:​customcmds -title -simplelist -exclude:​start -textns=""​ -textpages="">​
-==== Custom Filetypes ====+==== Custom Filetypes ​and Templates ​====
 <nspages config -title -simplelist -exclude:​start -textns=""​ -textpages="">​ <nspages config -title -simplelist -exclude:​start -textns=""​ -textpages="">​
 ==== Scripts ==== ==== Scripts ====
 <nspages config:​scripts -title -simplelist -exclude:​start -textns=""​ -textpages="">​ <nspages config:​scripts -title -simplelist -exclude:​start -textns=""​ -textpages="">​