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 [Extensions] [Extensions]
 MBDyn=*.mbd;​*.ref;​*.nod;​*.elm;​*.set;​ MBDyn=*.mbd;​*.ref;​*.nod;​*.elm;​*.set;​
 </​file>​ </​file>​
 Save the configuration file below in your Geany filetype definition files config directory, e.g. //​~/​.config/​geany/​filedefs/​filetypes.MBDyn.conf//​ Save the configuration file below in your Geany filetype definition files config directory, e.g. //​~/​.config/​geany/​filedefs/​filetypes.MBDyn.conf//​
- +(NB: Note that this filetype definition file is in constant ​development,​ meaning it can be used but may need improvement.)
-NB: Note that this filetype definition file is in development,​ meaning it can be used but needs improvement.+
 <file properties filetypes.MBDyn.conf>​ <file properties filetypes.MBDyn.conf>​
-# For complete documentation of this file, please see Geany'​s main documentation+    ​# For complete documentation of this file, please see Geany'​s main documentation 
 +    # Using the Perl lexer seems to be the best option to have both # single line and /* multiline comment work, multiline comments however still suffer when / are present within them 
 [styling] [styling]
-foreground;​background;​bold;​italic+    ​Edit these in the colorscheme .conf file instead
 default=default default=default
-comment=0x0000FF;​0xFFFFFF +error=error 
-commentline=0x0000FF;​0xFFFFFF +commentline=comment_line 
-commentdoc=commentdoc +number=number_1 
-number=0xFF00FF +word=keyword_1 
-word=0x00805C;​0xFFFFFF;​true;​false +string=string_1 
-word2=0xA51D1D;​0xFFFFFF;​true;​false +character=character 
-string=string +preprocessor=preprocessor
-character=string +
-uuid=0x404080 +
 operator=operator operator=operator
 identifier=identifier identifier=identifier
-stringeol=stringeol +scalar=identifier_1 
-# @"​verbatim"​ +pod=comment_doc 
-verbatim=0x101030 +regex=regex 
-# (/regex/) +array=identifier_2 
-regex=0x105090 +hash=identifier_3 
-commentlinedoc=commentdoc,​bold +symboltable=identifier_4 
-commentdockeyword=commentdoc,bold,italic +backticks=backticks 
-commentdockeyworderror=commentdoc +pod_verbatim=comment_doc_keyword 
-#​globalclass=type +reg_subst=regex 
-globalclass=0x505050;​0xffffff;​true;​false +datasection=value 
- +here_delim=here_doc 
 +    # *_var mappings may need checking 
 +    # translation:​ tr{}{} y{}{} 
 +    # not used 
 +    # obsolete: replaced by qqqxqr, qw 
 [keywords] [keywords]
-# all items must be in one line +primary=a abs absolute abstract acceleration accelerations acos acosh actan actan2 actanh active aerodynamic air aircraft algebraic all alpha amplitude angle anglerel angular angvel angvrel angvrel2 array asbtract ​asin asinh assembly atan atan2 atanh axial b balance bdf beam beam3 beams bezier bind bodies ​body brake c c81 caller ​canonical ​cardano ​cc ceil change ​clamp coefficient ​coincidence ​colamd component compressible condense const constraint control copysign correction cos cosh cosine couple crank ctan ctanh current custom cyclocopter damping data default defined ​deformable ​deg2rad degrees delay density derivatives description diag differential direct disable ​displacement distance ​distance2 dof double drive driven driver drivers drop dynamic e elastic element elements equation eta euler euler123 euler313 euler321 exp exponential eye factor FALSE file filter final first floor flow fluid follower force forces forever form from ft2m function gain genel genels generic ​gimbal ​global gravity half hinge honor hope hydraulic implicit ​in in2m in2mm inactive include incompressible induced in_ee in_el inertia inertial inflow initial in_le inline in_ll instruments integer integrator interpolation INT_MAX INT_MIN isotropic iterations jacobian joint joints kappa keep kg2lb kg2slug kinematic klu lapack lb2kg line linear ​list load loadable log log10 m2ft m2in map matrix ​max meter method MIMO min minmax mm2in modal modified modify module moment ms mt mult naive netcdf ​newton nicholson ​no node nodes none nonlinear norm notext null observable offset omegacut order orientation ​orifice ​origin ​other output pad par parameter pi piecewise pin pivot plane polimi position position2 print prismatic ​problem ​properties proportional rad2deg ramp rand RAND_MAX random ​raphson ​real REAL_MAX REAL_MIN reference requests residual results revolute rigid ring rod rotation rotor round same scalar scale seed sign sin sine single sinh SISO skip slug2kg solver sometext space spherical spring sprintf sqrt sramp state static ​step Step steps stop strategy string structural ​super superlu support sync tan tanh test thermal ​third threads time Time timestep TimeStep tire tolerance total TRUE umfpack uncompressible uniform units user value valve Var variable variant vector velocity velocity2 viscoelastic viscous vrel vrel2 with xangle xanglerel xangvel xangvrel xdistance xposition xunitvec xvelocity xvrel yangle yanglerel yangvel yangvrel ydistance yes yposition yunitvec yvelocity yvrel zangle zanglerel zangvel zangvrel zdistance zeroes zposition zunitvec zvelocity zvrel
-secondary=begin end set +
-primary=structural reference ​asbtract ​node body drive caller ​driver diag null eye string genel matrix amplitude gravity uniform single angular velocity acceleration axial rotation revolute hinge cardano ​brake pin clamp coincidence deformable displacement ​joint distance gimbal in line plane kinematic ​linear ​velocity acceleration plane prismatic rod total bezier spherical viscous abstract algebraic array state space siso mimo a b c differential air properties const file data control iterations ​max output ​meter steps forever ​netcdf ​elements ​ position component absolute integer ramp include force results default initial value rigid loadable aerodynamic genels drivers global dynamic variable step interpolation pad zeroes ​no mult orientation ​element user defined induced jacobian c81 real cosine driven constraint active inactive condense inertial inertia beam3 accelerations yes proportional damping ​origin ​alpha first angle units degrees ​problem ​all  module load cyclocopter delay omegacut kappa timestep polimi inflow time naive colamd nonlinear solver newton ​raphson ​modified time method tolerance none derivatives assembly ​skip hydraulic beams hydraulic ​static ​beam  viscoelastic generic inline ​super compressible incompressible ​thermal ​exponential orifice flow valve density fluid uncompressible final same elastic follower half sine dof ms offset direct parameter couple bind with offset coefficient rotor eta correction crank nicholson couple isotropic spring support bodies joints nodes bodies forces+
 [settings] [settings]
-# default extension used when saving files+    ​# default extension used when saving files
 extension=mbd extension=mbd
-lexer_filetype=C +lexer_filetype=Perl 
-#fold.comment.python=1 +fold.perl.at.else=0 
-#fold.quotes.python=1 +fold.perl.comment.explicit=0 
- +fold=0 
-# single ​comment char, like # in this file+      
 +    # the following characters are these which a "​word"​ can contains, see documentation 
 +    #​wordchars=_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789 
 +    ​# single ​comments, like # in this file
 comment_single=#​ comment_single=#​
-# multiline comments+    ​# multiline comments
 comment_open=/​* comment_open=/​*
 +    # set to false if a comment character/​string should start at column 0 of a line, true uses any 
 +    # indentation of the line, e.g. setting to true causes the following on pressing CTRL+d 
 +    #​command_example();​ 
 +    # setting to false would generate this 
 +    #​ command_example();​ 
 +    # This setting works only for single line comments
 comment_use_indent=false comment_use_indent=false
 +    # context action command (please see Geany'​s main documentation for details)
 +    #width=4
 +    # 0 is spaces, 1 is tabs, 2 is tab & spaces
 +    #type=1
 + FT_00_LB=Run
 + FT_00_CM=mbdyn %f
 + FT_00_WD=
 </​file>​ </​file>​
 {{tag>​configure MBDyn filetype}} {{tag>​configure MBDyn filetype}}