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 +====== Crystal filetype ======
 +Experimental [[http://​www.geany.org/​manual/#​custom-filetypes|custom filetype]] for the [[https://​crystal-lang.org/​|Crystal]] language.
 +<file properties ~/​.config/​geany/​filedefs/​filetypes.Crystal.conf>​
 +primary=abstract alias as as? asm begin break case class def do else elsif end ensure enum extend false for fun if in include instance_sizeof is_a? lib macro module next nil nil? of out pointerof private protected require rescue return select self sizeof struct super then true type typeof uninitialized union unless until when while with yield
 +identifiers=__DIR__ __FILE__ __LINE__ __END_LINE__
 +FT_00_CM=crystal build "​%f"​
 +EX_00_CM=crystal run "​%f"​
 +And alter your //​filetype_extensions.conf//​ to add the new Crystal filetype.
 +<file properties ~/​.config/​geany/​filetype_extensions.conf>​
 +{{tag>​configure crystal filetype}}